Delaware Road formed the dividing line between the tracts of Benjamin Riegel (Farmer) to the south and Benjamin Riegel (Miller) to the north. It was known as Main Street for many years and was later renamed Aerie.

Riegelsville Bridge

This 1904 bridge was erected by the Roebling Company, famous for building the Brooklyn Bridge. It is one of six Roebling suspension bridges in Pennsylvania. The bridge was erected at a cost of $30,767. It is a two cable suspension structure with stiffening trusses. The abutments and one of the two piers are constructed of rubble stone faced masonry, stone filled and build on timber crib foundations. The other pier is constructed of reinforced concrete, having been built to replace the original pier which was damaged in the 1936 flood. The wooden plan deck was replaced with metal in 1984. The bridge was a toll bridge until January 1923 when it was sold to the Bridge Commission.

Riegelsville Hotel

This stuccoed stone building was erected circa 1838 by Benjamin Riegel (Farmer) to serve the river and canal trade. After opening the inn for three years, Riegel leased it to Isaac H. Bush from 1841 until the latter’s death in 1848. Riegel unsuccessfully advertisied the hotel for sale in September of 1843, describing it as new and containing seventeen rooms.  Anna Bush, widow of Isaac, served as innkeeper from 1848 to 1851. John Dickson was the proprietor from 1851 to 1868, purchasing the hotel for sale in September, 1853, describing it as three stories high with a two-story kitchen, ice house and stabling for fifty horses. He claimed “it is believed that there can be more money made on said property than on any farm in Bucks County that can be bought for $7000, when this can be had  for half the money”. John Dickson sold the hotel to David Walters in 1870. Walters owned the hotel briefly, selling it to Joseph Rensimer in 1871. The latter erected a dull width porch across the facade in the spring of 1874. Rensimer was the proprietor until he retired and sold the hotel to Samuel Carty in 1890. Carty had earlier operated what is now known as the Indian Rock Inn, south of Kintnersville on River Road. The hotel was purchased by the Siner family in 1911 and help by them until 1959. In 1974, the hotel was acquired by its present proprietors, Harry and Fran Cregar. The hotel presently comprises a kitchen, two dining rooms and a bar/lounge on the first floor, a dining porch on the second floor and 12 bedrooms on the second and third floors. The hotel is listed on the Bucks County Register of Historic Places.