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Layered Chocolate Tart (V)
cocoa graham crust, milk chocolate pate, white chocolate caramel mousse | 10 

Pearly Sweet (GF, Vegan)
hibiscus rubbed sous vide pear, Chambord syrup, candied orange peel, jalapeño sugar | 9

Tiramisu (V)
dark rum and espresso soaked lady fingers, mascarpone, cocoa powder | 10 

Crème brûlée  (GF,V)
classic vanilla custard, torched sugar crust, fresh mint | 8

Will Hunting (V)
brown sugar sous vide apple, spiced granola, whipped cream | 9 

OwowCow Ice Cream (V)

vanilla, chocolate  8
our signature flavor  9
vanilla custard, smoked cherries, dark fudge ripple, toasted pistachio | available exclusively at the Riegelsville Inn 9