Layered Chocolate Tart (V)
cocoa graham crust, milk chocolate pate, milk chocolate mousse 10 

Crème brûlée  (GF,V)
classic vanilla custard, torched sugar crust, fresh mint 8

Arctic Swan Bakery Desserts

We’ve partnered with Artic Swan Bakery (Riegelsville, PA) to bring you a delicious, Scandinavian-inspired selection of desserts.

Carrot Cake (V)
port wine caramel, candied carrot, crushed walnuts 12

Lemon Tart (V)
graham cracker crust, lemon curd, raspberry chantilly, candied lemon peel 12 

Strawberry Vanilla Cake (V)
classic vanilla-scented white cake, strawberry preserves, strawberry coulis fresh strawberry, granola crumble 12 

Dark Berry Cheesecake (V)
classic cheesecake, blackberry compote, blueberry puree, chantilly cream, fresh mint 13 

OwowCow Ice Cream (V)
vanilla 8
chocolate  8
Our signature flavor 10
“Over the Bridge” — featuring blackberry, mint, honey, dark chocolate, and a sweet cream base