Dinner Menu

Available daily after 4pm


The Devil’s Eggs (GF) (V)
red beet pickled white, roasted butternut & boursin egg filling, crispy shaved parsnip 12 

The Notorious B.eE.F. (GF)
beef tenderloin tartar, shallot, parsley, egg yolk, truffle salt, red beet Dijonnaise, sweet potato chips 16

Take the Black
Pan-seared sea scallops, black trout velouté, golden beet, pomegranate, Verde Valley micro carrot & viola flower 18

The White Rabbit
braised rabbit leg, white bean, and black currant ragout 18 

Shrimp Belafonte (GF)
chilled Gulf white shrimp, lemon, sauce of roasted squash, banana & horseradish 15 

Duck Leg Confit (GF)
Blue Moon Acre pea leaves, smoked cherry compote, mint, gastrique L’Orange, toasted pistachio   15

Fauxlupki (Vegan)
seitan and wild rice stuffed napa cabbage, smoked tomato marinara, house-made vegan parmesan 12 

Marcy Playground
escargot, smoked cherry, pickled garlic, sambal beurre blanc, Blue Moon Acres pea leaves, crostini 14

Oysters on the Half Shell (GF)
rose vinegar mignonette, cocktail sauce  18

Aged & Cured
with chef’s accouterments, choose 3 or more

Fourme d’Ambert 8
Champagne Cheddar 6
White Cranberry Stilton 5
House Boursin 4
Speck 6
Duck Breast Prosciutto 8
House Smoked Trout 9 


The 610 (GF)
pickled haricots verts, fingerling potato, smoked egg, frisée, hot bacon dressing 10 

The 818 (V)
roasted golden beet, fresh plum, whipped ricotta, Blue Moon Acres micro sunflower, spiced granola 12

Classic Caesar
crisp romaine, house Caesar dressing, asiago cheese, house crouton, anchovy  10

The Inn (V, GF)
seedless cucumber, tomato, red onion, carrot, crumbled goat cheese, field greens, vinaigrette vierge  8

Additions: Chicken Breast 6 / Shrimp 8 / Salmon 12 / Crab Cake 12 / Ribeye 20 / Scallops 16 / Duck Breast 18 


Lobster Stew
butter, sherry, paprika, scalded cream, lobster puff  22

French Onion Soup
Caramelized onion, bone broth, Bordeaux, crostini, broiled provolone & swiss cheeses 8 | naked 6

Moroccan Chic Pea Stew (GF, Vegan)
vegan mint tzatziki 8 

Soup du Jour
Ask your server for today’s selection | Market


Filet Mignon (GF)
grilled filet mignon, sauteed haricot vert, roasted fingerling potatoes, smoked cherry demi-glace 39 

Crab Cakes
haricots verts, roasted fingerling potato, cajun pumpkin cream 34 

That’s Some Pig!
grilled pork mignon, charred broccoli rabe, spiced granola, smoked grapefruit, rosemary pork jus 28 

The Darjeeling Rabbit
braised rabbit, orange-scented basmati, roasted carrot, black currant, black tea and cardamom rabbit jus 32 

Chicken Saint Laurent (GF)
Frenched chicken breast, red beet purée, charred broccoli rabe, acorn squash dust, pepitas 30 

Meat Frites (GF)
grilled 8 ounce Angus ribeye, hand-cut sweet potato fries, pumpkin chimichurri, pickled (chilled) green beans 29 

The Salmon Formerly Known as Cleon (GF)
pan-seared fillet, charred rapini, cranberry reduction, purple yam puree, hibiscus dust, local edible flower 34 

Pink October (GF)
pan-seared duck breast, granola latke, haricots verts, cranberry cream sauce, hibiscus dust 32 

Fauxlegnese (Vegan)
Mushroom and seitan “meat” sauce, carrot, celery, house-made vegan pappardelle, house-made vegan parmesan 28